Our History

We are a group of Christians who meet in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, and who believe that the Bible is the Word of God.

The church was originally founded in 1678 in the centre of High Wycombe, and was known as Mount Zion Baptist Church. ,With the exception of a six-month closure in 1999, it has met continuously since it was founded.

In 1970 the local Council compulsory purchased the building, and constructed a modern church building on a green field site near a newly-built council estate in the area of Disraeli. At the time of the move the membership of the church stood at around 100, but within a few years this number had dropped to single figures. Valiant efforts were made to sustain the work, but the situation worsened, and eventually the church had to close its doors in 1999.

Three families living in High Wycombe had the desire to see the church reopened, and so about six months after its closure they began to hold weekly Bible studies on the premises. An American pastor, Dr Jose Esquibel, had been working with a congregation in Tring for some months, and was looking for an opportunity to lead a church in the UK. His availability to lead the work culminated in his induction as Pastor in 1999. During his tenure of office the church name was changed to High Wycombe Evangelical Baptist Church, and numbers increased to the point where Jose believed that the Church could sustain an indigenous pastor. He therefore resigned the pastorate and returned to America in December 2003.

Following his departure numbers initially declined, but a core of dedicated members continued the work. They were generously supported by neighbouring congregations in the Association of Grace Baptist Churches (South East), as well as by some congregations further afield and by other individuals, including a number of men from the London City Mission.

In 2005 Mr Raymond Zulu, from South Africa, was inducted as pastor of the congregation, and served the church until 2016. During that time the church grew, and was enriched by the diversity of nationalities represented in the congregation. He departed the church in 2016.

After Raymond Zulu’s departure, the church sought the Lord to provide a pastor who would continue to lead the church.

Alan Cartwright agreed to take up the pastorate, and was inducted as pastor in March 2019. The work continues under the leadership of Alan, and supported by a team of Elders and members.